The Minimum and the Recommended Requirements in Deploying LAN Cabling



LAN cables are the Ethernet transmission media connecting network devices in the computer network environment. A well-designed computer network cabling can be a critical task of making a LAN network more manageable and available. Go-brainsavior

High speed LANs are required in order to provide the scalable bandwidth necessary to support current and future network applications and services. Structured cabling provides LAN connectivity at Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps) and potentially Gigabit speeds using current standards based UTP wiring. Fiber optic cabling allows transmission across LAN backbone connections at Gigabit Ethernet (GE) and future 10GE/100GE speeds. In order to make a well-designed computer network cabling, the following lists the minimum and the recommended requirements when you deploy LAN cabling for your computer network.

Minimum requirements: All the structured cabling must comply with Certified CAT5 (category 5). All UTP cable segments including patch leads, wall and roof cabling must be less than 100 meters in total length and should be CAT5 compliant. Any legacy LAN cabling should be replaced with CAT5e cable. Computer LAN Cabling must be documented and patched in a tidy fashion to a secure location. Wall points and patch panels must be labeled. The recommended computer LAN Cabling requirements are: Certified CAT5e (enhanced) structured cabling and/or fiber optic cabling. All UTP cable segments (including patch leads, wall and roof cabling) must be less than 100 meters long (total length) and CAT5e compliant. Go-brainsavior

 All the backbone links that require gigabit and higher speeds should use the Fiber optic cabling. Less expensive multi-mode fiber (MMF) connections are to be used for segments less than 400 meters and single-mode fiber (SMF) for segments up to 2 kilometers long. New fiber optic connectors should be either SC or MT-RJ type interfaces.


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